australia-witnessingAustralia has thousands of great places where you can publicly share the Gospel of Jesus. Just walk the streets of your local area and talk to people about God, faith, sin, repentance, heaven, hell and eternal life.

Some places that make great one-on-one witnessing encounters are:

  • Outside shopping centres
  • Sporting Events (AFL, Cricket etc…)
  • Fun Parks
  • Concerts
  • Fairs, Shows, Festivals
  • Local Parks
  • Playground areas (Parents are often bored!)
  • Airports (people have nothing to do but wait. Airplanes make many people reflective too; leaving loved ones, the dangers etc…)
  • Train Stations
  • Bus stations
  • Laundromats (bring your washing)
  • Petrol Stations (while people are filling up and also to the attendants)
  • Skate Parks (don’t wear rollerskates)
  • Libraries (the quiet environment is great for private 1-on-1 discussions)
  • Election Day Poling Booths (outside)
  • On-line via your internet connection (forums, blogs, websites)
  • Markets (either walking through or Hire a Table!)
  • Outside Nightclubs where people line-up (the earlier you go, the less drunk they will be)
  • Anywhere that people line-up, wait, congregate, walk or stand.

Have you got another place to add to the list?

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We are working on a list. Click the link above to see the list so far.
We need your input.

Please send us locations in your area that are suitable for street evangelism.