Handing out tracts can be a good way to share the Gospel message with people that would otherwise not hear or read it.

Non-Christians are very unlikely to pick up a Bible, open it and search through the Scriptures to find and understand the Gospel message. That is why sometimes a “short and punchy” Gospel tract with a clear Gospel presentation can be effective in grabbing their attention, meeting them where they are and providing a simple clear message in a format they can keep and carry in their pocket or wallet.

Gospel tracts are available from most Australian Christian bookstores like WORD and KOORONG, but if you wish to find a broader variety, you are best to search online.

The famous cartoon tracts

by Jack Chick

Million Dollar Notes

by WayoftheMaster & OneMillionTracts

“Are you a good person” tracts

by Operation 513

Credit Card Tracts

by Faith of Choice and Tracts 4 Free

Some websites even have free tracts that you can freely download in PDF format to print your self on your home printer. However, most of the more impressive tracts do cost a small amount.

A simple Google search will reveal the huge variety and places that you can order them. From the Way of The Master’s Million Dollar Note tracts, to the black n’ white Cartoon Chick tracts, you are sure to find one that will grab a reader’s attention.

What is your favorite tract of all time? Add your Comments below.