When it comes to sharing the Gospel and witnessing to unsaved people, it is easy to get discouraged.
There are so many causes for discouragement when we look at the people around us, the responses, the ridicule, the mockery and the apathy (And then there are those outside of the Church)!

Take courage Evangelist!
Are you feeling discouraged because you are looking at yourself and the people around you? Talking to people about Jesus will not make you very popular here on earth, so don’t expect it. Remember that your confidence, your encouragement and your reward comes from your God and your Saviour.

Satan, will try to take your confidence away.
The enemy will use your circumstances, the people around you; your own insecurities, weaknesses and self-doubt to discourage you. He will point and accuse and condemn you for the purpose of destroying your testimony and your witness. After all, if you cannot be confident in who you are in Christ, how will you have the confidence to be an ambassador for Christ? I have prepared an A4 print-out in the format of a PDF that you can download, print and tape to the back of the door in the smallest room of your house. God’s Word contains some amazing verses that will fill you with confidence in who you and what you can achieve BECAUSE OF JESUS. Be encouraged because THIS is who you are and WHY you are here.

Download the A4 Print-out Wall Chart (267kb PDF)

Evangelism - Who you are in Christ