evangelising-australian-disastersby Allan Weatherall,
World View Interactive
Victoria, Australia.

I’ve spent a lot of time in East Africa over the years, and one of the stark contrasts between Australia and the churches in Uganda is their attitude towards evangelism.

Typically here in Australia, we have pastors, pastors and more pastors, and maybe one in a hundred churches (if that) employ an evangelist.

By contrast, in Africa, I have been to many churches that have one pastor and four evangelists. It’s a completely different mindset. The result? Hundreds of  people continually coming to Christ.

At first I thought that this was simply the Holy Spirit’s response to the local situation – many people in Africa are ready and waiting to be saved and evangelism is actually such a simple task of preaching and getting a positive response almost every time. But here in Australia I think we have just forgotten about it and have been so discouraged at the levels of resistance among people who apparently have no regard or care about eternal things. But I think God is at work in the recent catastrophes to make people more receptive.

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