bible-college-essaysDid you write a whole lot of essays when you were at Bible College or School?

What happened to them after they were graded? Sure they might have helped you pass a grade and personally learn something, but apart from that, haven’t they really just sat there going to waste since you left college?

Well, now there is something very powerful that you can do with your old essays. Send them into us (electronically / email attachments / word docs / PDF’s etc) or contact us and we will send you a postage paid return envelope.

Why do we want old Bible College Essays?

We have a network of evangelistic websites that need fresh content.

The most time-consuming aspect of setting up evangelistic websites is optimizing them so that they perform well on the search engines (Google Ranking). Google does not reward duplicate content with good search engine results. Our websites have clear Gospel presentation and or links to evangelistic websites that have clear Gospel presentations on them. So you can help online evangelism simply by sending in your old essays.

Bible College Students WantedQuestion: How do I know if my essays will be suitable?

Answer: Because we have several Christian websites your essay is sure to be useful on one of the websites.

Question: Why don’t you just do a search and grab some essays for some of the free online essay databases that are available?

Answer: For a website to perform well on the search engines, it needs to have fresh, original content. Also, the free databases often have demanding restrictions and terms and conditions (you must advertise their website on your website etc…)

Question: I have some old essays on Islam but I don’t like the idea of making my articles public for fear of offending people or causing any danger to my family.

Answer: We can add articles to our various websites anonymously. You have the option of having your name and details displayed as the author or you can request that the essays be posted anonymously. We also assess the essays to ensure that they are suitable and in some cases may decide to only use suitable parts of the essays.

So please contact us and we will send you more details and an email address (or a prepaid envelope and postage address) where you can send your essays and articles. These essays and articles will be used to help bring more website traffic to websites that have clear Gospel presentations and the good news and truth about the saving grace of JESUS. If you would like to help in any way or get involved in online evangelism, please contact us.