“Some people think that I am bold because I have no problem approaching and talking to strangers on the street about God, Jesus, sin, faith and forgiveness”.

The most difficult people to evangelize to are usually your loved ones. Why is this? Is it because they know all about your short-comings, flaws and faults? No, although if you are a blatant hypocrite, then these things may be sabotaging your efforts and you should first focus on getting saved yourself.

One of the most difficult things about witnessing to family is that you have so much to lose. Let me explain. How much do you value your relationship with your family members? How important is it to you that you don’t have a falling out and how would you feel if you said or did something that deeply wounded a family member and that caused them to despise and avoid you at all costs?

On the other hand, how much do you value the relationships that you have with strangers on the street? How important is it to you that you don’t have a falling out with someone you don’t know? How would you feel if you said or did something that deeply wounded a stranger who you will never see again?

So what is my point – what am I trying to say?

I am trying to show you how you can reach your family! Evangelism is something that takes practice. The best way to do this is to start sharing your faith with complete strangers. People can sense nervousness and awkwardness. The more you do it, the more relaxed you will become and you will also begin to know what sort of questions to research and understand. Nothing will make you want to study the Bible more than an unsaved person asking you to explain it to them.

Basically, if you are going to fumble, make mistakes, get stuck for words and be nervous, it is better to do it around someone you will never see again! (now how “bold” do I seem!)

Sometimes the window of opportunity to jump in with something spiritual during a discussion with a family member is very small. Before you know it, the conversation has moved on. You wanted to say something but now it is too late and you may have to wait months again before they bring up that topic again.

So, if you really want to be bold and confident in your evangelism, start with a stranger! Sometimes a good way to start a discussion with a stranger is to simply hand them a little card that has has something spiritual on it (Gospel Tracts). Learn to take knock-backs, take them on the chin and consider it JOY! Remember that great is your reward in heaven!

If you are regularly sharing your faith with strangers and engaging in spiritual conversations, you will be ready and armed to grab hold of those opportunities with your family and loved ones. At all times be faithful in praying for the lost. See Evangelism for shy people.

May your loved ones find Jesus!