shy-evangelistConfrontation is something that most of us try to avoid. No one likes being offended and no one should enjoy offending people (well without a good reason). But, there is a difference between enjoying and enduring.

Some of us are shy by nature and not everyone is wired to be the life of the party or the preacher on the corner. So what is a good way for shy people to share the Gospel?

The Best Way for Shy People to Share the Gospel
There are a number of ways that you can be a witness and help to fulfill the Great Commission even if you are very shy and “non confrontational”:

  • Online Evangelism
    Utilise blogs and forums and social media to challenge people with the Gospel and to post Bible verses. A number of suitable forums include Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot / Blogger, WordPress and interfaith dialogue forums.
  • The old fashioned way
    Do a letterbox drop in your area with some Gospel tracts. If you have the creativity, time and a printer, you can design and print your own evangelism tracts. If you don’t have the time or the creativity, you can also download free Gospel tracts from a number of websites and then print them on your own printer or get them printed professional at your local print shop.
  • Be a bit sneaky
    Look for pre-paid envelopes! Next time some one sends you an invitation to buy their product, enter their competition or sweepstakes, simply drop a Gospel Tract in the envelope and post it off for the lucky office worker to find!
  • Make up lollie-bags with Halloween tracts in them.
    You might be too shy to go door-knocking for Jesus, but if people knock on your door every year, simply find a good Halloween Tract (ie: one for kids and one for parents)
    and hide it in the lollie-bags with a tight twisted tag. By the time they open the bag and examine the lollies and find the tract, you will be safely hiding inside your house with the door locked.
  • Always carry tracts in your pocket.
    It sounds like an annoying and somewhat daggy idea until you get used to it. If your find some small Gospel tracts that fit in your back pocket, you will not even notice they are there. Then, simply keep your eye open for opportunities, ie: Open sun-roofs in the shopping centre carpark, phone-booths, bus stops, ATM’s etc… you’re starting to get the picture.
  • Support and Encourage Evangelism
    You can be a prayer warrior for evangelism, for the lost and for your local evangelists. Send them an encouraging email or encourage them in person. Donate some money towards their ministry or buy some tracts for them to hand out.

Maybe you have some other ideas to add? You can post a comment or suggestion below.