Do you wait for a prompting before you will speak to someone about the things of God?

Do you need a “quickening to your spirit”?

Too often we let opportunities for sharing the Gospel go to waste because we “didn’t feel led”. What about feeling “obedient” instead? Is it OK for us not to feel led to read our Bibles? What about not feeling led to spend time in prayer? And if I waited for the warm tingles before knowing whether I should go to Church on Sundays I would never go at all! So why is this ridiculous formula for action (or in-action) so popular amongst Christians today? Simple. It is popular for the same reason that so many atheists choose to deny the existence of God. It is easier and more convenient and it releases any notion of responsibility and accountability.

But, do you really need to feel the tingles before you will obey what God has already asked you to do?

Have you bought the lie that says,
“I’m not called to be an evangelist and I am not called to be obedient to the Great Commission”?

Maybe you aren’t an Australian that is called to be a high profile Evangelist such as Billy Graham, but how can you but speak of what you have seen and heard? Was your born-again experience so trivial that it is not worth mentioning? Was it a real transfer from death to life?

Let us not spiritualise our disobedience. Instead of saying “I didn’t feel led”, just be honest and say “I didn’t feel obedient”.

Even better than admitting our disobedience is the crazy idea to start BEING obedient. Lets use our time and talents wisely. Tell Australia about Jesus. Jesus saves Australians.