forumEvangelism Forum – A Christian Community of people who are FIRED UP!

Iron sharpens iron and if you hang-out with luke-warm Christians, a bit of you might rub-off on them, but a bit of them will rub-off on you too.

There are a lot of great Christian Forums out there and there are some interesting characters that you can meet and have discussions with. A lot of the Christian Forum sites have huge communities of Christians from all different walks, belief backgrounds and man who are there looking for theological debates.

Often the sections on Evangelism are among the quietest and least visited. Is this because evangelists spend their time out witnessing instead of chatting about theology? Well maybe there is some truth in that but there is also a lively community of evangelism-focused believers who are both out there witnessing but also frequenting forums.  Now there is a site that is geared for EVANGELISM and EVANGELISTS! If you are passionate about the Gospel and reaching as many people with the Good News as you can, then a great place where you can be encouraged and have the opportunity to share ideas and connect with other like-minded evangelists is the Evangelism Forum. You can find the evangelism forum by going to

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