Most of us have a desire to pursue meaning, purpose and significance and sometimes being successful in our careers doesn’t fill all of the slots. We are left feeling empty, unfulfilled and frustrated. Even the Church can sometimes leave the business leaders in it’s congregations feeling frustrated, out of place and sometimes feeling like they are only useful because of their financial gifts.

It is not uncommon for successful business people to get to a point in their lives and career where they ask “What more is there to life? I have been successful, but so what!?”

These kind of questions are often asked by Christians and non-Christians alike. Some people naively call this stage in life “mid-life crisis”, and potentially it can turn into this if it is not handled well. A lot of Australian ministries and evangelists focus on helping and reaching the poor and the homeless but fewer are reaching the successful business leaders who are often just as lost.

Halftime Australia is a “marketplace ministry” that has been set up for the purpose of “making the second half of your life better than the first”.

Making the second half better doesn’t mean making it more “successful” in a worldly sense. It isn’t about having more holidays or going sky-diving. It is about doing things for others. Halftime Australia is equipping and connecting Australian business owners and business leaders for significance. They run conferences and round table events all over Australia, sharing their “success to significance” stories. They are inspiring and challenging Australian business owners and leaders to use their wealth and influence to make a difference in the world through relationships, business and philanthropic opportunities.

To get involved or learn more about Halftime Australia, please visit their website. They also have some inspiring video testimonials from Australian Halftimers that you can watch.






You can also read Bob Buford’s book “Halftime or go on one of Halftime Australia’s, life-changing, Leadership Abroad Tours to India.