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This website provides resources and articles for Australian Christians and evangelistic ministries. This online ministry in non-denominational and aims to provide a place for Christians of all denominations to find common ground in facilitating the great commission and reaching the lost through the spreading of the Good News about Jesus.

Clean Christian Stand Up Comedians

A Christian performing clean stand-up comedy is a rare thing and so we felt it worthy of promotion on the Evangelism Australia website. We previously featured an article promoting comedian Ben Price and now we have another Australian comedian who does clean stand-up...

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Tackling Atheism

Living Waters brings you "The Atheist Delusion". This ground-breaking movie pulls back the curtain and reveals what is going on in the mind of those who deny the obvious. It introduces a number of atheists who they follow as they go where the evidence leads, find a...

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Free Gospel Tracts

If you are looking to hit the streets with some Gospel tracts, then there are some great tracts that you can buy from a number of Australian and overseas ministries. You can also design and print your own tracts if you have the creativity and know-how. Alternatively,...

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Australia’s Ben Price in LA

Australia's own funny man and celebrity impersonator, Ben Price made headlines back in 2011 when he made it to the Grand Finals on Channel Seven's hit series, Australia’s Got Talent. Since then Ben has been featured on a number of TV shows, been performing his standup...

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Evangelism via an Evolution Documentary

This entertaining little documentary was made by the producers of the award winning "Genius" and the "180movie". It has been commended by Ken Ham, Kirk Cameron, Randy Alcorn, Henry M. Morris III, Norm Geisler, Phil Johnson and many others. Ray Comfort interview...

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Hollywood’s Faith-Based Film Industry

West Australian filmmaker, Aaron Kamp has written, directed and produced a compelling short film about a young man who struggles to find the courage to change when he starts to learn that there might be more to life than he thinks. The story is based on the theme of...

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Awkward Halloween Moments

Awkward... I was out washing my car the other day when a neighbour from a few doors down came over with one of her children and asked if we celebrate Halloween and would like to bring our kids over for chocolates on October the 31st. I reflex-responded with, "No we...

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YOUR Truth or MY Truth?

The above "What is Truth" video by Mark Spence of Living Waters, is a snippet from the full recording which outlines the problems that occur in society when there are no moral absolutes. A couple of weeks ago, I was down on the streets of Freemantle in Western...

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Evangelism objections from Christians

No one will tip COLD WATER over your enthusiasm to share the Gospel like a well-meaning Christian brother. Evangelism: You have heard the criticisms, "They are doing more damage than good"; "Ah, I hate street preachers"; "Evangelists just want money"; "Tracts go...

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Evangelism that Works

by Joe Murphy, Melbourne Australia. I’ve worked as a shelf stacker in a grocery store for over twenty years now. For the last 13 years I have been working at night. Shift workers in my line of work mostly consist of those just finishing school or those at university....

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Evangelism via YOUR Testimony

A lecture on theology will rarely be received with open ears, but a true story or testimony laden with theological truths and biblical principles will often speak to people's hearts and minds. Most followers of Jesus Christ have some kind of a desire to promote the...

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Promote YOUR Evangelism Event Here

You can promote your Australian Evangelism events here for free. Are you frustrated by the lack of people that attend the evangelism training courses and events that you or your church sets up? Well we will help promote your event right here for free - It's like a...

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Should I Evangelise on Facebook?

Almost everyone has a Facebook page these days. Online social networking has become a way of life. I don't want to explore the general pros and cons of social networking (there are already enough of those articles around), but I do want to discuss the role of...

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Are you chasing success or leaving a legacy?

Most of us have a desire to pursue meaning, purpose and significance and sometimes being successful in our careers doesn't fill all of the slots. We are left feeling empty, unfulfilled and frustrated. Even the Church can sometimes leave the business leaders in it's...

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Ray Comfort Interview

Ray of Light. The New Zealand, 60 minutes interview with Ray Comfort. This interview shows some great insights into The Way of The Master ministry and the life and ministry of Ray Comfort. Ray is a humble man who has influenced so many of us with his teachings and...

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A Forum for Evangelism

Evangelism Forum - A Christian Community of people who are FIRED UP! www.evangelismforum.org Iron sharpens iron and if you hang-out with luke-warm Christians, a bit of you might rub-off on them, but a bit of them will rub-off on you too. There are a lot of great...

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Take Courage Evangelist

When it comes to sharing the Gospel and witnessing to unsaved people, it is easy to get discouraged. There are so many causes for discouragement when we look at the people around us, the responses, the ridicule, the mockery and the apathy (And then there are those...

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180 Movie Evangelism

  I have been waiting for them to release this video, as I heard a lot about it from all their promotional clips and write-ups and it had me very curious. After watching it, I can say that it sure is a powerful presentation that explores the morality and hearts...

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Evangelism and the Dancing God?

I started reading a book last night. Well, it is more of a booklet than a book. It was a free PDF download that I came across via a link on a friend's facebook wall. The Booklet is called "Parable of the Dancing God" by Dr C. Baxter Kruger. Perhaps at first impression...

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Missional Churches Are Not Growing

by Simon G. Rattray, The JUMP Network Brisbane, Australia. "Missional churches are not growing". I hear this statement a lot. Another one I hear is, “The emergent church has not emerged.” To begin with, I realise some missional gatherings are just a bunch of...

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Pastors But Not Evangelists

by Allan Weatherall, World View Interactive Victoria, Australia. I’ve spent a lot of time in East Africa over the years, and one of the stark contrasts between Australia and the churches in Uganda is their attitude towards evangelism. Typically here in Australia, we...

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German Translation of – Evangelist on George Street

Translated by / uebersetzt von Anna Eigler Thy Word Translations Vor einigen Jahren, an einem Sonntagvormittag, neigte sich der Gottesdienst in einer Baptistengemeinde in Crystal Palace, im Süden Londons, seinem Ende zu, als ein Fremder in der hintersten Reihe...

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Evangelism Bible Verses

Below is a list of verses from the Bible that are directly or indirectly related to the topic of evangelism. Meditate on them and be encouraged and challenged in your evangelism efforts! Matthew 28:19-20 "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing...

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But I don’t have the “GIFT” of Evangelism like you…

Brisbane Evangelist, Michael Fackerell, shares on this brief 3-minute video clip why the "Great Commission" in Matthew 28:18-20 where Jesus commands his disciples to go and make disciples of all nations, specifically INCLUDES you as a Christian. It is very clear. The...

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Connect with Australian Evangelists

Connect with Australians who are passionate about evangelism in your area by joining the Evangelism Australia Linkedin Group. Gain access to "member-only" discussions and opportunities. Join and start a...

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A Radical Sponsored Evangelism Concept

A New Breed of Missionary - Sponsored Evangelists The Problem: Many evangelists go out for 2 or 3 hours one night per week after work to evangelise in the streets. This is at the end of their day when they are not at their best. They give their best to their employer...

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Evangelism AND Discipleship

Article by Bill Muehlenberg, Melbourne, Australia. As I get a bit older in my Christian walk, I often wonder if we are not missing out on another important aspect of evangelism: discipleship. Evangelism and discipleship of course go hand-in-hand and hopefully most who...

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Old Bible College Essays Needed!

Did you write a whole lot of essays when you were at Bible College or School? What happened to them after they were graded? Sure they might have helped you pass a grade and personally learn something, but apart from that, haven't they really just sat there going to...

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My First “Open-Air Gospel Message”

Article by Jeffin Johnson Melbourne, Australia Every time I hear the word "evangelism", I feel unstable on the inside and the words 'Go preach the Gospel' echo in my mind. For a long time, I had the dream of becoming a Christian public speaker and doing great things...

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Australia’s Relationship with God

Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen Article by Howard Sands Penrith, NSW He said to them “Come after me (as disciples) letting me be your guide, follow me – and I will make you fishers of men. Matt 4.19 AMP We may need a new tax system and a new industrial relations...

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One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven

This is a great book, written by Mark Cahill, an American evangelist who has a passionate and militant zeal for the lost. His countless stories of his encounters with sharing his faith with the lost are inspiring to say the least. As the book says, the one thing that...

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“Help. I don’t know how to evangelize to my family!”

Some people think that I am bold because I can comfortably go and talk to strangers on the street about God, Jesus, sin, faith and forgiveness.

The most difficult people to evangelize to are usually your loved ones. Why is this? Is it because they know all about your short-comings, flaws and faults? No, although if you are a blatant hypocrite, of course these things may significantly contribute.

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Insert YOUR Name Here. You are the Evangelist

You have probably heard of "Philip the Evangelist" (He was the one who explained the scriptures to the Ethiopian Eunuch in the Chariot and then baptized him). Philip was not sinless or perfected in his faith but he became an evangelist for the Gospel. Satan will try...

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Is one following if he isn’t fishing?

NOW IT CAME to pass that a group existed who called themselves fisher-men. And yes, there were many fish in the waters all around. In fact the whole area was surrounded by streams and lakes filled with fish. And the fish were hungry.
Week after week, month after month, and year after year these who called themselves fishermen met in meetings and talked about their call to fish, the abundance of fish, and how they might go about fishing. Year after year they carefully defined what fishing means, defended fishing as an occupation, and declared that fishing is always to be a primary task of fishermen.
Continually they searched for new and better methods of fishing and for new and better definitions of fishing.

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Understand the Bible in just 11 minutes!

This little video presentation is pretty cool. It gives a quick and basic Gospel presentation that explains everything people need to know for salvation. Add a link to it on your website or blog and let God use it to reveal His Gospel to people that have become...

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How Big is Your World?

This brilliant animation is testimony to the greatness of our God. It shows the vastness of the known universe with a vivid scalable, animated media. My conclusion: HE* is BIG, we are small. Do...

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Evangelism for Shy People

Some of us are shy by nature and not everyone is wired to be the life of the party or the preacher on the corner. So what is a good way for shy people to share the Gospel?

The Best Way for Shy People to Share the Gospel
There are a number of ways that you can be a witness and help to fulfill the Great Commission even if you are very shy and “non confrontational”:

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Don’t wait for the “tingles”

Do you wait for a prompting before you will speak to someone about the things of God?

Do you need a “quickening to your spirit”? Do you need to feel the tingles before you will obey what God has already asked you to do?

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