Tackling Atheism

Living Waters brings you “The Atheist Delusion”.

This ground-breaking movie pulls back the curtain and reveals what is going on in the mind of those who deny the obvious. It introduces a number of atheists who they follow as they go where the evidence leads, find a roadblock, and enter into a place of honesty that is rarely seen on film.

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Free Gospel Tracts

Free Gospel Tracts

If you are looking to hit the streets with some Gospel tracts, then there are some great tracts that you can buy from a number of Australian and overseas ministries. You can also design and print your own tracts if you have the creativity and know-how. Alternatively, you can download Free Christian Gospel Tracts from Tracts4Free.com. Read more »

Audacity – The New (FREE!) Movie by Ray Comfort


Watch the FULL MOVIE for free here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbPu2rtmDbY

Australia’s Ben Price in LA

Australia's Christian ComedianAustralia’s own funny man and celebrity impersonator, Ben Price made headlines back in 2011 when he made it to the Grand Finals on Channel Seven’s hit series, Australia’s Got Talent. Since then Ben has been featured on a number of TV shows, been performing his standup comedy routines and corporate entertainment gigs both here and overseas. Ben’s clean sense of humour, coupled with his unashamed commitment to his Christian faith has taken his latest endeavors to Hollywood, LA where he is currently starring in Audacity, a feature film that is currently being filmed.

Audacity was written by Ray Comfort and is being produced by the team at Living Waters who are well known for their ministry and also for their successful documentary films, “The 180 Movie”, “The Genius Movie”, “Evolution Vs God” and “Noah and the Last Days“. Unlike the other movies, Audacity is a scripted film and not a documentary.

Audacity addresses one of Christianity’s toughest dilemmas today, homosexuality. If you have struggled sharing the Gospel with your gay friends, then hopefully this movie will provide some insights on practical witnessing and biblical love for the gay community. One thing we know for sure, with Ben Price in it, it is sure to also have some laughs. You can learn more about Audacity here.

Evangelism via an Evolution Documentary

This entertaining little documentary was made by the producers of the award winning “Genius” and the “180movie”.
It has been commended by Ken Ham, Kirk Cameron, Randy Alcorn, Henry M. Morris III, Norm Geisler, Phil Johnson and many others. Read more »

Hollywood’s Faith-Based Film Industry

Director, Aaron Kamp on the set of Never Too Late. 2013 photo by David Biesse.

Director, Aaron Kamp on the set of Never Too Late. 2013
photo by David Biesse.

West Australian filmmaker, Aaron Kamp has written, directed and produced a compelling short film about a young man who struggles to find the courage to change when he starts to learn that there might be more to life than he thinks. The story is based on the theme of Atonement and the Bible verse, Exodus 32:31. Watch the 1-minute trailer for Aaron’s short film, Never Too Late. >

Film is a powerful medium and that is how Hollywood has been influencing society and our culture for decades. Our senses have been dulled and coerced into often having a less than biblical perspective on a number of issues such as relationships, promiscuity, violence, homosexuality and adultery.

It is a breath of fresh air when we can see Christian, faith-based films also making an impact but for all the right reasons. Read more »

Awkward Halloween Moments

Halloween - It's awkward for Christians. Evangelism Australia

I was out washing my car the other day when a neighbour from a few doors down came over with one of her children and asked if we celebrate Halloween and would like to bring our kids over for chocolates on October the 31st. I reflex-responded with, “No we don’t like Halloween because we are Christians and it has some very evil origins”. This took my neighbour by surprise and she was clearly shocked by my response. I gulped and tried to word my  next comments with a little more tact and evangelistic empathy, “Thanks, we would love to come over any other time, for any other occasion, it is just one event that as Christians we are opposed to”. So we agreed to catch up another time for chocolate and my wife came out and had a very friendly, warm hearted chat with her. I went back to washing my car feeling like a nasty, fun-spoiling Christian.

Halloween and Australia
Compared to the United States, Halloween has never really been a big event in Australia. I notice every year though, that it seems to be gaining momentum as more and more parents encourage their children to have some “harmless fun” dressing up and getting some free treats from their neighbors. Is it really just harmless fun or something more dangerous? Some argue that it is no more evil than Christmas (See John Dickson’s Halloween article here) and others slam it as outright pagan wickedness. Read more »

YOUR Truth or MY Truth?

The above “What is Truth” video by Mark Spence of Living Waters, is a snippet from the full recording which outlines the problems that occur in society when there are no moral absolutes.

A couple of weeks ago, I was down on the streets of Freemantle in Western Australia.
I approached a group of about 5 teenagers who were all sitting in a semi-circle on the lawns of a park. I walked up to them with a big, friendly smile and handed them each a Gospel credit card tract. While they were studying the tracts, I explained that they were pre-paid credit cards and that on the back it explained how Jesus pre-paid our fine before we did the crime. They liked the tracts and we started to have a discussion about faith, God and Jesus. I expected that at least a couple of them would have had a religious background or a Christian upbringing, but they all denied having so. They were quite open to having a discussion and didn’t seem in a hurry for me to move on, so I asked a few questions. Read more »

Evangelism objections from Christians

No one will tip COLD WATER over your enthusiasm to share the Gospel like a well-meaning Christian brother.

Pour Over Evangelists (serving suggestion). Another drink by Enthusiasm Quencher. Click to read the full article

Evangelism: You have heard the criticisms, “They are doing more damage than good”; “Ah, I hate street preachers”; “Evangelists just want money”; “Tracts go straight in the bin”; “and they don’t even disciple them”; “They just want another notch on their belt”; “maybe Jesus doesn’t love them”; “it’s so judgmental”; “They are giving the rest of us a bad name”; “They are doing it out of guilt”; “They are doing works”; “If Jesus wants to save them, He will without their ranting”; “and that’s what Bible-bashing is!”; “They are ruining it for the Christians who are quietly building relationships with them”; “That is so unnecessary! Just live a good life and people will want what we have”…

Many Christians have sadly been turned-off evangelism by evangelists that aggressively condemn and speak without love. We find it uncomfortable sometimes seeing evangelism operating outside of the methods that we ourselves believe to be effective or appropriate. We don’t like confrontation and we don’t like to see a small number of Christians giving the rest of us a bad name.

The famous 16th Century evangelist, D.L Moody was criticized by a woman who said, “Mr. Moody, I don’t like the way you do evangelism!”
“Well, ma’am, let me ask you, how do you do it?” Moody asked. She replied, “I don’t!”. Moody’s response was, “Well, I like my way of DOING it better than your way of NOT doing it!”


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Evangelism at Work

Evangelism that Works

by Joe Murphy, Melbourne Australia.

I’ve worked as a shelf stacker in a grocery store for over twenty years now. For the last 13 years I have been working at night. Shift workers in my line of work mostly consist of those just finishing school or those at university. It is something young adults do for extra money while studying or something they do before getting their ‘real job’. For the older folks who work at night it is something they do between jobs, in general. But regardless of this, the answer I give when an acquaintance asks what I do for a crust seems to be returned by a reaction that what I do for a living is a dead-end job. Its up there (or down there) with cleaning offices and collecting garbage.

But I actually love my job. It’s not my dream job but that’s not why I love it. I love it because I bloom where I am planted. It’s not about the type of job, it’s about the work ethic one has no matter what the actual job is.

I didn’t always think this way though. I started working for a supermarket when I was fifteen but back then I wasn’t the best worker. In fact I was down right lazy. My idea of work was to get away with doing the least amount while still getting paid the same amount. I didn’t like to work, it got in the way of living my life. If there was a way out I would have taken it. The lotto numbers never worked for me and my illustrious rock star career didn’t pan out either so I remained at the supermarket and took lots of sickies instead. Read more »

Evangelism via YOUR Testimony

evangelismA lecture on theology will rarely be received with open ears, but a true story or testimony laden with theological truths and biblical principles will often speak to people’s hearts and minds.

Most followers of Jesus Christ have some kind of a desire to promote the gospel, but the majority don’t feel confident or comfortable in doing so. As a result, many are sitting on their hands, frustrated, not knowing how to go about sharing their faith. Some of the biggest fears include being unable to answer questions, being rejected, despised or having uncomfortable confrontations with non-Christians. It can be discouraging when you deliberately try to introduce Bible verses in conversation and yet the wisdom falls on rocky ground or polished concrete.

Many Christians don’t know how to share the Gospel, so instead, they resort to being friendly and helpful. They offer hospitality, generosity and random acts of kindness. They are hoping to “shine the light” without being so bold as to reveal the source of their kindness. They are doing “good works” which is a good thing and they can still be effective in many ways but the Gospel must be communicated with words. It is good to give a homeless person money and food, but it is better to also give them the Good News of Jesus.

evangelism apologist ravi zachariasThere are those who are good debaters, and apologists. An apologist is someone who has the ability to influence people with the Gospel through skillful but friendly debate or verbal jousting. It is a skill and requires great knowledge and study. It requires a sound knowledge of our Christian worldview, other world views and the ability to think on your feet and respond to objections and intellectual arguments. Some of the world’s great apologists (ie: Ravi Zacharias) know well that it is the Holy Spirit that convicts and convinces of sin and converts the soul, but God can and does use apologists as tools to do the convincing. Every Christian Apologist and evangelist must always be careful to act in love, with love and use godly discernment, wisdom and empathy. Read more »

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